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What happens to your file?

When you upload a file, Forcepoint’s Zero Trust CDR transforms it. The original is immediately deleted. The transformed file is available for you to download and inspect. After 15 minutes it is automatically deleted. Forcepoint does not retain your file, either in its original or transformed state.

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Forcepoint’s Zero Trust CDR delivers malware-free data and prevents covert exfiltration, using a unique process of transformation that extracts just the business information from incoming data, verifies it is safe and then builds new data to carry the information onwards. Please note:

Your trial of Forcepoint’s Zero Trust CDR is carried out at your own risk.

We would be pleased to receive any feedback of your experience of using Forcepoint’s Zero Trust CDR.

We would be greatly obliged if you would limit the information about your experience to within your immediate company.

We would like to use any feedback (anonymised) we receive from you in our sales and marketing promotion of Forcepoint’s Zero Trust CDR. Please let us know if this is not acceptable to you.

All Intellectual Property Rights in Forcepoint’s Zero Trust CDR are owned by Forcepoint.

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